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Who we are

The British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA) is the trade association for an industry that contributes some 6.4 per cent of the primary construction aggregates consumed in Britain. Marine aggregates form part of a wider portfolio of construction aggregate supply alongside the land-based quarrying industry and the recycled and secondary aggregate sector.

While the overall contribution of marine aggregate may appear small, the sector contributes around 20 per cent of the total sand and gravel supply in England and Wales, while regionally it makes significant contributions to the construction aggregate requirements in London, the South East, North East, North West and South Wales. Around one third of the sectors production is exported to the near-Continent (France, Belgium and Holland) where it is also used as concrete aggregate.

Marine dredged sand and gravel also provide a strategic role in supplying large scale coast defence and beach replenishment projects – over 38 million tonnes being used for this purpose since 1990.

Looking forwards, marine aggregate resources are expected to play a key role in supporting the successful delivery of major infrastructure projects associated with Government policies related to energy security and climate change.

In all these cases, the coastal location of these markets means that the sector is ideally placed to supply the large volumes of construction aggregate and fill material required in the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable way.

BMAPA is a constituent body of the Mineral Products Association, which represents marine, land-based and secondary/recycled aggregate sectors as well as added-value products such as ready-mixed concrete and asphalt that are derived from them.

Working closely with the MPA

Working closely with the MPA, BMAPA represents its eleven members in dealings with stakeholders at all levels, ranging from government to local communities. It is dedicated to continually improving standards in a sector that has been widely praised for its responsible and forward-looking approach.

Extraction of marine aggregates involves significantly less than 1 per cent of the UK continental shelf. More statistics are available in our key facts section. Nonetheless, the industry recognises that it works in a sensitive environment and accepts its responsibility to operate with care and concern for other users of the sea.

BMAPA believes this challenge should be approached as a partnership with all the other parties involved and actively seeks to engage interested parties in order to develop operating methods that minimise the industry’s impact.



The British Marine Aggregate Producers Association is the trade association for an industry that contributes some 6.4 per cent of the construction aggregates consumed in Britain.

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