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Wharves and Processing

BMAPA members deliver to over 60 aggregate wharves around the coastline of England and Wales. Most dredgers have sophisticated discharging systems for efficient unloading at the wharves. The wharves have advanced screening and washing facilities, although some sell the product without the need for processing.

Greatest demand is for sand and for 10mm, 20mm and 40mm gravel. Any oversize gravel is usually crushed before being re-screened into the smaller grades. Ready-mixed concrete and concrete products are the main uses of marine aggregates, and many wharves now incorporate ‘added value’ manufacturing facilities.

One of the great benefits of the industry is its ability to deliver large volumes of aggregates to wharves that are close to the point of use in the heart of urban areas, thereby greatly reducing the impact of transport by heavy lorries. The large-scale use of trains further reduces the need for road transport, and barges are used to deliver to some riverside projects.

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