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Health & Safety

Health and safety remains the marine aggregate sectors top priority. Our ultimate aim will always be "zero harm" to our workforce and to those that may live or work close to our operations.

In working towards achieving this, BMAPA members have adopted a number of initiatives including the monthly collation and reporting of Lost Time Injury and reportable accidents and the sharing of experience through BMAPA Safety Alerts.

Safer by Competence

In response to a wider initiative introduced by BMAPA’s parent organisation, the Mineral Products Association, the marine aggregate sector have developed a new National Occupational Standard focussed on the dredging and discharging activities associated with their operations. This new standard has allowed a new Level 2 Diploma to be introduced which will allow the relevant crew working on board marine aggregate dredgers to demonstrate their competence when carrying out dredging and discharge operations, enhancing and complimenting the Certificates of Competency already held by those working at sea. The first Diplomas were awarded to industry staff in 2015, and these qualifications are now in the process of being rolled out across the wider industry by member companies.

Common standards for ship repair operations

As part of the marine aggregate sector’s commitment to improving performance, in 2017 industry members published a new set of common measures and minimum standards for the management of Health, Safety and Environmental protection for ship repair operations undertaken outside of a ship repairer’s premises. This builds on earlier guidance developed for repair operations undertaken while at ship repair yards back in 2011.

These common measures define the good practice and minimum standards that will be adopted by all BMAPA member companies from April 2017 onwards when undertaking maintenance and repair of their vessels outside of ship repair yards.

By adopting a common approach BMAPA members firmly believe that the performance of individual ship operators and the contractors that support them will not only be maintained, but also enhanced.

The common measures guidance for repairs outside of a ship repairer’s premises can be viewed here.

The common measures guidance for repairs undertaken while at a ship repair yard can be viewed here.

Dealing with munitions in marine sediments

The distribution and density of exploded and unexploded munitions on the sea bed around the UK varies depending on the history of the area - for example whether it has been used for warfare, naval training, disposal or weapons testing.

Changes to existing marine aggregate dredging zones and newly licensed areas have the potential to result in munitions being raised by a dredger and discharged amongst the marine sand and gravel at a wharf.

In recognition of this risk, a Guidance Note has been produced by the Mineral Products Association (MPA) and British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA) in consultation with the Association of Chief Police Officers, Ministry of Defence, the Health and Safety Executive, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Federation of Dredging Contractors, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Contractors and The Crown Estate to complement the individual company procedures in place to comply with safety legislation and to ensure consistent best practice.

This includes:

  • outlining the potential risks and safety measures that need to be considered;
  • providing practical advice to the dredging industry, EOD Contractors and marine aggregate operators on the measures to be taken to reduce the risk of dredging munitions; and
  • the procedures to be followed when suspected munitions are encountered – either on the dredger itself or at the wharf/site while receiving or processing marine dredged minerals whether for beach nourishment, contract land fill or for use as construction aggregate.

The munitions guidance document can be viewed here


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